Pop-in Expo
Varying presentations in the foyer

What should we do with vacant buildings? Where there is vacancy, there is room for something new, be it housing, leisure or healthcare facilities. Surprising combinations often follow, such as a school or a community centre in a factory complex, a shop in a church or a recreation area in a military zone.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam



In Re-use, Redevelop and Design: How the Dutch Deal with Heritage, twenty such projects are showcased. The pop-in expo presents redevelopment as the solution for vacant real estate. The creative approach of certain Dutch architects to heritage is also spreading outside the Netherlands, in countries such as China, Germany, Italy, Russia and the United States.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book under the same title. Both were developed by the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme of the Cutural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, in collaboration with SteenhuisMeurs and nai010publishers.

Pop-in expo

Weekly changing presentations in the foyer of Het Nieuwe Instituut. A controversial new design, sensational research, work by an emerging talent or a new acquisition for the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning are given a place in the spotlight.