Pop-in Expo
Varying presentations in the foyer

The Pop-In exhibition Recrafting Craft shows different interpretations of six speculative scenarios written by Dirk Osinga and drawn by Georg Bohle. They offer a utopian impression of the productive possibilities which can emerge when fashion workshops are located in unconventional contexts. These contexts offer students the opportunities to experiment with new materials and create alternative production methods. Furthermore they support the critical reflection upon the value of clothing. These scenarios will give the future fashion professionals new perspectives on creating innovative and sustainable solutions for the social and environmental challenges the global fashion industry is facing today.

In addition, Recrafting Craft hosts three examples of best practices coming from the Design Academy Eindhoven, underpinning the agenda of this project; Weave (K)not Waste of Sarah Brunnhuber, Human Pelt by Chrissie Coerman and Mesh Shoe Lab of Martin Sallières. All three are working on new production techniques to inspire the industry and to appeal to a more discerning consumer. The ultimate goal of this design research project is to bring about real sustainable innovation within fashion education by invigorating and stimulating the synergy of traditional and future crafts and by creating a network of various stakeholders.

Pop-in Expo

New presentations of mainly young design talent can be seen in the foyer of Het Nieuwe Instituut every few weeks. It is a way of highlighting a striking design or innovative research, whether or not it is connected with the current exhibition and debate programme of Het Nieuwe Instituut.


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