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The One Minutes is a global network devoted to moving image.
 Every month, a different artist is asked to put together a new series of 60- second films that investigate how we perceive and engage with moving image. Museums and cultural organisations around the world subscribe to the series.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam



Yin Aiwen started a design investigation of The One Minutes chronicle 1998-2016. The series consists of 36 One Minutes by designers and artists revealing how technology changes aesthetics, perception and reflection; an experiment where technology becomes poetry. In March, the series tours museums and cultural organisations with a subscription to The One Minutes Series.

Yin Aiwen

Yin Aiwen is a designer and researcher based in Amsterdam. She graduated from Design Department of Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam in 2013. Her work focuses on new possibilities of design practice in the ever-changing technological and political environment. Her recent research on 'designer films' investigates the new position of design thinking in filmmaking, resulting in a series of writings and events.