Pop-in Expo
Varying presentations in the foyer

It will certainly take a while, but it’s going to happen one day: the colonization of the Moon and Mars. Space agencies, scientists, international companies and architects are already planning a new society beyond the Earth. These developments put the notion of ‘public space’ and its limits into a new and challenging context. The (im)possibilities seem endless.

This search for new worlds to discover and develop is behind King on the Moon, a research project by second-year students at the Willem de Kooning Academy. The students examined the issues behind the dream, generating solutions for exploring and taking possession of new public and private spaces.

Participating students

Lot Mars, Ilona Iske, Laura Mol Lous, Naomi Jansen, Koen Dekker, Beer Boutkom, Gino Bodt, Lieuwe Oldersman, Robin Huisman, Lisa Jongejans, Joost Dingemans, Levi Baeten, Camie Roos and many more.

Pop-in expo

Weekly changing presentations in the foyer of Het Nieuwe Instituut. A controversial new design, sensational research, work by an emerging talent or a new acquisition for the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning are given a place in the spotlight.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
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