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David Derksen shows his space dividers, part of the Transitions II project for Baars & Bloemhoff. Using larchwood veneer, Derksen has created an ultra-light set of space dividers. 

Normally veneer is glued onto a cheaper wood, to decorate the surface. In this case, wood veneer just 1.5 mm thick has been used as a construction material. Thin material like this is best applied under tension rather then pressure, and so Derksen decided to make hanging structures that function as space dividers. These can also hold several elements such as LED lighting or acoustic foam, adding extra functionality.

The dividers are part of the Transitions II project for Baars & Bloemhoff, in which several young Dutch designers experimented with the materials in the company’s collection.

David Derksen

Nature, and especially its principles and processes, are David Derksen main sources of inspiration. This results in a strong focus on materials, how they behave and how they can be constructed. Derksen graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 and completed his MSc in industrial design at TU Delft in 2011.


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