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In 2015, the design collective Pink Pony Express set out to find a model of Willemstad from 1973 which had disappeared from the Madurodam miniature park in 1991. In the radio documentary ‘Waar is Willemstad’, they told the story of the model’s remarkable journey, which started 43 years ago and ended in Curaçao.


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Pink Pony Express has endevoured since 2012 to have the Caribbean territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands represented in the Madurodam miniature park.

In 2016, to mark the centenary of the birth of George Maduro (after whom Madurodam was named, and who was born in Curaçao), Pink Pony Express launched the campaign ‘Unda George ta?’ (Where is George?) in Curaçao to find people called George living today. Some twenty-two Georges, Jorges, Georginas and Georgettes came forward to be immortalized in miniature. They placed themselves as 3D prints on their favourite spots in the model – as links between past and present, between George Maduro and contemporary Curaçao.

In October 2016, the historical model was festively unveiled on the island by NAAM (National Archeological Anthropological Memory Management). Pink Pony Express also took the first steps to have this unique model recognized as an object of ‘Cultural Heritage’.

Pink Pony Express

Pink Pony Express is a design collective based in Amsterdam. Their projects are based on locations characterised by friction - usually between government and local citizens. Following a period of long-term research that includes living and working on location, they make images that help redefine the situation, and create a shift in the current perspective.

Pop-in expo

Weekly changing presentations in the foyer of Het Nieuwe Instituut. A controversial new design, sensational research, work by an emerging talent or a new acquisition for the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning are given a place in the spotlight.