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FUTURELAND was part of Logistical Nightmares, a year-long pedagogical programme that explored logistics as a model for organising social life and politics at a global scale. Hosted by Lorenzo Pezzani and Susan Schuppli, the programme featured guests such as Charmaine Chua, Stephan Helmreich, Giorgio Grappi, Heather Anne Paxson and Victor Sanz.

"Elliptical in structure, the documentary cross-cuts between temporalities and geographies to explore the ways in which the port is deeply entangled with the histories of colonialism, the legacies of maritime labour, the advent of automation, the speculative fictions of global finance, the threat of sea level rise, and the ecological consequences of an infrastructural imagination that have carved a trading zone out of the liquid architecture of the sea. The documentary utilises a wide range of source material from webcam streams to archival documents in addition to footage, animations, field recordings, and voiceover narration produced by the students themselves. Its title — FUTURELAND — derives from the main public entry point into the Port of Rotterdam where visitors depart on scheduled bus and boat tours."

– Susan Schuppli, Reader and Director of the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London.


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